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Colour Words






The hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo with wavelengths of approximately 450 to 490 nanometers; any of a group of colours that may vary in lightness and saturation, whose hue is that of a clear daytime sky.

aqua - a light bluish green to light greenish blue

aquamarine - a pale blue to light greenish blue

azure - a light purplish blue; (heraldry) the colour blue

baby blue - a very light to very pale greenish or purplish blue

bice blue - a moderate blue

blue-black - a black colour with a tinge of blue; very dark blue

Cambridge blue (Brit.) - a pale blue

cerulean - azure; sky-blue

clair de lune - the colour of a pale, greyish-blue glaze applied to various kinds of Chinese porcelain

cobalt blue - a moderate to deep vivid blue or strong greenish blue

cornflower - a vivid blue

cyan - a greenish blue, considered a primary colour in printing and photography

cyanic - of a blue or bluish hue

electric blue - a steely or brilliant light blue

faience - a moderate to strong greenish blue

glaucous - of a dull greyish-green or blue colour

gunmetal - (in full gunmetal grey, gunmetal blue) a dull bluish-grey colour

hyacinth - a deep purplish blue to vivid violet

ice blue - a very pale blue

indigo - a dark blue to greyish purple blue

lavender - a pale blue colour with a trace of mauve

Mazarine - a very dark blue

midnight blue - a very dark blue

Nattier blue - a soft shade of blue [much used by J. M. Nattier, French painter d. 1766]

navy blue - a dark greyish blue

Nile blue - a light greenish blue

Oxford blue - a dark blue, sometimes with a purple tinge, of this colour

peacock - n. the lustrous greenish blue of a peacock's neck. adj. (hyphenated when attrib.) of this colour

peacock blue - a moderate to dark or strong greenish blue

perse - dark greyish blue or purple

powder blue - a moderate to pale blue or purplish blue

Prussian blue - a moderate to strong blue or deep greenish blue

robin's-egg blue - a pale bluish green to greenish or greyish blue

royal blue - a deep to strong blue

sapphire - the blue colour of a gem sapphire

saxe blue - a lightish blue colour with a greyish tinge

sky blue - a light to pale blue, from a light greenish to light purplish blue

slate blue - a greyish blue to dark bluish grey

smoke - a pale to greyish blue to bluish or dark grey

steel blue - a medium greyish blue

teal - a moderate or dark bluish green to greenish blue

turquoise - a light to brilliant bluish green

ultramarine - a vivid or strong blue to purplish blue

venetian blue - a strong blue to greenish blue

Wedgwood - a. ceramic ware made by J. Wedgwood;
b. the characteristic blue colour of this stoneware





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