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Issue 1, Vol. 1, May 2002

This issue was made possible by the grant received from the British Council, UK
administered by English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS).



Tasks for Business Science and Technology English: Evaluating Corpus-driven Data for ESP

Alejandro Curado Fuentes, Spain

Teaching Thinking

Teaching Thinking Through ESP

Olga Almabekova, Russia

E-zines and E-Textbooks

E-zines and E-Textbooks: Applications for Teachers

Kevin McCaughey, Russia


The Vocabulary of English for Scientific and Technological Occupational Purposes

Jean-Claude Viel, France

Colour Words

Vitali Ashkinazi, Elena Severinova, Russia


ESP in Slovenian Secondary Technical and Vocational Education

Marija Potočar, Slovenia

Aspects of Learning ESP at University

Galina Kavaliauskiene, Lithuania

News & Information

Material Design for Computer Science

Maria Cristina Quisbert Quispe, Bolivia

QALSPELL Project: Quality Assurance in Language for Specific Purposes

Mari Uibo, Estonia

Issue 1, Vol. 1, May 2002

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