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Business English, Professional English, Legal English, Medical English, Academic English etc.
Online peer-reviewed Journal for Teachers

English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

English for Specific Purposes World

ISSN 1682-3257

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Issue 32

A preliminary description of conference abstracts and poster presentations in Food Science
Eugenio Cianflone

Student attitudes and intercultural communication studies
Troy B. Wiwczaroski

Principles and methods of teaching foreign languages to dyslexic learners
Judit Tánczos, Katalin Mónos, Troy B. Wiwczaroski

United Doubts: Grammar Teaching in Pakistan. Teachers & Learners’ Perspective
Muhammad Asim Mahmood, Farhat Jabeen

English for Medical Purposes Course Design for Arab University Students
Mohamad Abdulhamed Molhim

Teaching English for Specific Purposes: A no man's land area of activity: Investigating ESP courses administered in Iranian Universities
Abbass Eslami Rasekh, Shahla Simin

Key Roles of ESP Practitioners: A Study at ISM, Dhanbad
Priya Kumari, M. Mojibur Rahman

Tunisian Business Students’ Handling of the Complaint Letter Rhetoric across, Arabic, French and English: Interdependence Revisited
Mhamdi Faycal

The Attitude of ESP Learners towards the Role of Self-Access Language Learning Centres in Improving their Reading Comprehension
Farzane Javdani, Naser Ghafoori, Hamid Reza Mahboudi

Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Langu esp -world_99k age in Nepal: Past and Present
Krishna Bista

September, 30, 2011


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