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Issue 35

Business Multi-Disciplinary Projects

Business Multi-Disciplinary Projects (BMDPs) in ESP Classes to Develop Workplace Communication Skills
Dr. Tharwat M. EL-Sakran, Dr. David Prescott, Dr. Ahmed Ankit

English for Students of Psychology

Adapting a Content-Based Approach in ESP Teaching: an Action Research on the Master Students of Developmental Psychology
Awicha Benabdallah


ESP Teaching in the Light of globalization: A Cross-Cultural Proposal
Awicha Benabdallah

Developing an Intercultural Awareness in an ESP Context: A challenge for the Novice ESP Practitioners
Nawal Mebitil

Listening Skills

Developing Listening Skills in EAP contexts. An interview corpus-based approach for university students.
Pilar Herranz Diaz

Writing Skills

A pragmatic analysis of errors in University students’ writings in English
Eva María Mestre Mestre and María Luisa Carrió Pastor

Oral communication

Task-Based Oral Communication Teaching
Dr. Deepa S

English for Engineering students

On the relationship between multiple intelligences and achievement among engineering students
Mohammad Salehi and Sogol Gerami

A Study of Language Learning Strategies Used by Engineering Students
Sunanda Patil and Tripti Karekatti

English for Medical Students

English for Medical Students and the Myth of Native Models Superiority
Elham Abdullah Ghobain and Grami Mohammad Grami

Problem solving

Evaluation of Problematic Areas in Different ESP Contexts of Iranian Universities
Maryam Sherkatolabbasi and Amir Mahdavi-Zafarghandi

Internet in ESP

The Role of Internet in ESP Contexts
Shahla Simin, Ph.D Candidate


A Critical Review of Pedro Martin-Martin's (2008) 'The Mitigation of Scientific Claims in Research Papers: A Comparative Study'
Wincharles Coker

Book Review. English for Professional and Academic Purposes. By: Miguel F. Ruiz-Garrido, Juan C. Palmer-Silveira, and Inmaculada Fortanet-Gómez. Amsterdam: Rodopi, Amsterdam - New York, NY .2010. 237 pages. Reviewed by Maryam Sherkatolabbasi, Edited by Amir Mahdavi-Zafarghandi


May 2, 2018


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