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English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

English for Specific Purposes World

ISSN 1682-3257

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Strands in Teaching Reading for Social Sciences: Change and Innovation



Due to the on-going process of globalization, our global village is characterized by the use English as a language of widely communication and high–tech environment. Consequently, to fully cope with the new requirements of the globalizing market and workplaces on the international sphere, an urgent need has been called for an immediate command of specialised English courses worldwide.

This paper is an attempt at shedding lights on the underlying challenge the ESP teachers and practitioners may encounter to meet the target and the learning needs of the psychology learners at the department of PSYCHOLOGY- university of Tlemcen. Hence, the major assignment upon which the focus is put on is  adapting a frame-work based principally on the new-fangled outlook and tactics for teaching English for psychology making use of both collaboration and cooperation between the subject and content specialists as well as raising the learners’ intercultural awareness to become Intercultural Communicatively Competent.

Keywords: ESP, English for Social sciences, course design, content-Based Approach, intercultural sensitivity;

[1] Assistant Professor, Preparatory School of Economics and Commercial Sciences, Tlemcen, ALGERIA, ,n° 36 Kiffane,  ALGERIA, 00213 665 90 04 16.

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