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Business English, Professional English, Legal English, Medical English, Academic English etc.
Online peer-reviewed Journal for Teachers

English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

English for Specific Purposes World

ISSN 1682-3257

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Issue 38

Galina Kavaliauskienė

Comparative study of learning skills among students pursuing an education in healthcare
Troy B.Wiwczaroski, Ildiko Tar and Judit Tanczos

Rereading Bartholomae and Fulkerson: Two Major Compositionists
Wincharles Coker

The LMD System: A Problematic of an ESP Perspective

ESP in India: A Brief Historical and Current Overview
Ravindra B. Tasildar

Strands in Teaching Reading for Social Sciences: Change and Innovation

Students’ reflections on the effectiveness of their ESAP courses: A multidisciplinary evaluation at tertiary level
Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous  and Stavroulla Hadjiconstantinou

Breaking gender stereotypes in technology education: Developing strategies in the English classroom
Carmen Pérez-Sabater and María Luisa Pérez-Sabater

Building ESP teacher awareness through intercultural tandems – Post-practicum experience
Jarosław Krajka, Mariusz Marczak, Sibel Tatar, Senem Yildiz

L1 and L2 Effects on EFL Business Writing: A Holistic Evaluation of Interdependence
Mhamdi Faycel

Problems for English Language Teachers Working in Private Organizations in Pakistan
Shahbaz Arif and Muhammad Younas

A case study demonstrating the development of a short workplace English course in Hong Kong

A Review of Problems Arab Students Encounter in Academic Writing
Aya T. EL-Sakran

The Design and Practice of an English Textbook for Restaurant
Mei-jung Wang and David Goodman

The Reasons behind the Weaknesses of Writing in English among Pre-year Students’ at Taibah University
Ibrahim Fathi Huwari and Fadi Maher Al-Khasawneh

Areas of Improvement in Classroom Teaching: A Professional Development Plan for Business Communication
Dilshad Akber Ali
and Dilshat Bano

Effects of Genre-Based Instruction on Students’ Writing Performance: The Case of Algerian Management Students

Towards Using Slides Projector to develop Foreign Language Learners’ Oral Skills: A Case Study

March 31, 2013


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