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English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

English for Specific Purposes World

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Dipti Gupta. Teaching English to Engineering Students in India


In our country English is important for a number of reasons. India is a land of diversity. Different people speak different languages. A person of South India does not speak Hindi. So he can't understand Hindi of a person from North India. However he can understand in English. So English is a link language. Different people can communicate with one another with the help of English. Secondly, all advanced knowledge in science, technology and medicine is available in English. The results of the latest researches come to India through the medium of English. If we give up English, we will lag behind in the higher fields of study. Today the world has become one family. It is all due to English. English is an international language. English is the language of the Constitution, the Supreme Court, the High Courts and official departments. English is now firmly rooted in the soil of India. It has become a part of Indian life. Thus English has great importance for the integrity of India. It has to be second language in our country for the better development of the country.

In this paper I have tried to mention the problems faced by teachers of English subject , in teaching students of Engineering and Technology, at the same time problems faced by students in learning English .I have also mentioned some suggestions and ways to develop all skills related to English Language that might be useful for both-students and teachers.




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