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English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

English for Specific Purposes World

ISSN 1682-3257

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Muhammad Younas, Seyed Mohammad Jafari,
Muhammad Asad, Abdul Ali, Khadija Akram

Female EFL Teachers Facing Challenges in Career Making: A Comparative Study of Pakistan and Iran


 This study investigates the barriers faced by female EFL teachers for making their teaching career in Pakistan and Iran .From the population of female EFL teachers in Pakistan and Iran, the sample of eighty teachers was selected through convenience sampling that involves the sample being drawn from that part of the population which is close to hand and it includes people who are easy to reach. The data were collected through a questionnaire based on three-point rating scale .The Questionnaire was designed after reading a lot of literature on the topic concerned. The purpose and aim of devising this questionnaire was to investigate the challenges confronted by female EFL teachers in Pakistan and Iran. The questionnaire consisted of only five items because the nature of questions was comprehensive enough to serve the purpose. The results of the data collected through eighty questionnaires are shown through the graphs and tables. In the end, it was concluded that the absence of organizational justice and social disapproval and societal beliefs are the greatest challenges that the female EFL teachers face in Pakistan and Iran.  

Keywords : Organizational Justice, social disapproval and societal beliefs, work-family conflict,  purdah (Veil) and izzat (Honour) 




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