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Issue 43

Students cannot cross résumé borders: A case study of transfer of learning  Tharwat M. EL-Sakran
English for Instrumentalists: Designing and Evaluating an ESP Course Elzbieta Danuta Lesiak-Bielawska
Integrating Language Learning and Culture into an ESP International Marketing Course Syllabus Tünde Csapóné Riskó, Troy Wiwczaroski
A Teacher's Action Research On ESP Learners' Vocabularies: The Case Of Computer Students. Mohammad Naghizadeh, Mohammad Hassan Tahririan
An Analysis of Titles of Feature Articles in Two Selected Ghanaian Newspapers Isaac Afful
Gender and Conversational Humor in a Televised Situational Comedy: Implications for EFL Contexts YU Yating
Implementing ESP Lessons for Engineers: Research and Practices Munassir Alhamami
Language forms and rhetorical functions in technical instructions Michael Sharpe
Need Analysis for EFL Listening Skills at the ElI Maha Sayer Al-Thiyabi
Student Teachers and Teacher Students - Telecollaboration in LSP Teacher Education Jaroslaw Krajka
Teaching English to EFL Learners and Cultural Related Concepts: Cultural Invasion Revisited Mehdi Jafarzadeh, Shahla Simin
The Adequacy of 104 headway plus passages in Sustaining Science Students' Reading Interest. Maha Sayer Al-Thiyabi
The Effect of Adopting an English Name at EFL Iranian Elementary Schools Houman Bijani, Mahya Nejadian
The effect of explicit lexical elaboration on L2 vocabulary use in writing of EFL learners Behzad Rahbar, Seyyedeh Sakineh Mousavi
The role of explicit lexical elaboration on the retention of L2 vocabulary use in delayed writing Behzad Rahbar, Seyyedeh Sakineh Mousavi
The relationship between strategy use and vocabulary knowledge of the English students Houman Bijani, Azadeh Rahmani, Jafar Asadi
Book Review  

Title: Oxford English for Information Technology

Reviewed By: Munassir Alhamami



October 15, 2014
rev. March 08, 2016


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