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Issue No.49

V.Vijaya Vani The Role of Feedback and Self Appraisal in  Enhancing Pedagogical Competence of Teachers: An Empirical Study
Sara Farzannia,
Maryam Farnia
Metadiscourse Markers in Introduction Sections of Persian and English Mining Engineering Articles
Ima Shahabiyan,
Davood Madani,
Mojtaba Maghsoudi
The Effect of Material Preparation on Iranian EFL Learners' IELTS Band Score: A Case of Interchange Series vs. Iran Language Institute books
Nasrin Al-Lawati Multi-Disciplinary English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Courses: A New Dimension to Creativity in English Language Teaching ELT
V. Chandra Sekhar Rao  A Brief Study of English Language Proficiency: Employability 
Wei-Yu Chao,
Ju Chuan Huang
ESP vs. EGP: Investigating English Needs of University Students in Transportation Science
Masoumeh Dousti, Negar Ahmadi Critical Examination of Iranian Engineering University Students' Needs in ESP Courses

Saman Ebadi,
Ibtihal Murad Hasan

A Critical Analysis of Tasks in EFL Textbook: A Case Study of Sunrise 12
Sunanda Patil (Shinde),
Mahesh B. Shinde
Training in Essential Communicative situations to Engineering Students

Deepa S,
Manisha Seth

Can organizational grapevine be beneficial?
An exploratory study in Indian context
Davood Mashhadi Heidar ZPD-assisted Intervention via Web 2.0 and Listening Comprehension Ability
Syed Adnan Zafar Use of Social Network sites for teaching and managing knowledge in adult education

April, 24, 2016, rev. 06.12.2017


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