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Issue # 53

Volume 19

An investigative study to explore the link between the learning styles and the language learning strategies of undergraduate EAP learners in Poland
Syed Adnan Zafar

Use of Social Network sites for teaching and managing knowledge in adult education
Syed Adnan Zafar

The Impact of High stake EFL Tests on the role of Teachers, Learners and parents
Eshetie Kassie Reta

Beliefs of the International University Students towards performing English oral presentation in academic settings. “Pilot study”
Abdelmadjid Benraghda, Zuraina Ali and Noor Raha Mohd Radzuan

Factors that affect Arab EFL learners’ English pronunciation
Fatima Ali Salah Lardhi, Noor Raha Mohd Radzuan, Abdelmadjid Benraghda

Impediments to Delivering Oral Presentations in English among Malaysian ESP Undergraduates
Abdelmadjid Benraghda, Noor Raha Mohd Radzuan, Zuraina Ali

Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices of Teaching Grammar: the Case of Two EFL Teachers in Ethiopia
Zewudie Tamiru Tsehay

A Genre-based Analysis of Theme-bound Units in the Review Article Genre in Applied Linguistics
Ali Sorayyaei Azar and Azirah Hashim

August 30, 2017 Rev. 17.10.2017


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