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Making the Move From Teacher to Counselor

A teaching background gives a lot of perspective into what young people go through in daily life whilst at High School or college. Perhaps you have helped some of those students, many of their stories may have touched you and you have wanted to support them but you don’t have the experience or qualifications to do so. Becoming a counselor, especially from a teaching background, is ideal, as you have had experience working with those young people and can bring invaluable experience to the role. If it is something you have been interested throughout your teaching career then read on for more information.

Becoming a School Counselor

If you are comfortable working in high schools, then school counseling could be for you. As a school counselor, you are there to support young people who need someone to talk to and come to you voluntarily. You will also work with those who have scheduled meetings with a school counselor due to lack of attendance, difficulty in a subject they are taking, bad behavior, and many other reasons. As a teacher, you will have had to deal with all of these issues, but may have never been able to give the support you wanted to the student.

Becoming a College Counselor

Teachers who usually work in colleges may be more comfortable becoming a college counselor. Often, this can include a lot of support in regards to helping students finishing their degree rather than dropping out, as well as supporting them in finding jobs when they have graduated, as this is becoming increasingly hard for students. The role is ever-changing as times change, and as a counselor, you will always be learning new approaches to situations and ways to deal with anything that may arise. You will still encounter other issues and will be fully trained in order to do so.

How Do I Become a Counselor?

The easiest way to train to become a counselor is via an online course. There are many online courses available, but Wake Forest University provides some of the best degrees in order to become a counselor, and offer a range of counseling degrees. There are other opportunities to go into counseling if you wish to take a break from the school setting. You can also train to become a marriage counselor. You can complete your degree online, meaning you can fit it around your work and family life, therefore you can still teach whilst you are training. It has never been easier to get a degree.
If you are interested in becoming a counselor, it is an extremely rewarding job and is a way to reach out there and help the students you may not be able to assist as a teacher. More and more young people need support these days and you can help them. One day, you could be the difference between seeing that young person graduate and get their dream job, or failing - you may be the push they needed to continue.


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