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1. Collocations with “HAVE”


Common phrases



Breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee / tea, a meal, a sandwich, a drink

We have lunch at midday.


A meeting, a game (of tennis, football), a party, a competition

I had a perty last weekend.


A bath, a shower, a swim, a sauna, a cigarette

He has a shower twice a day.


An appointment, an exam, a lesson, homework

She has a lot of homework.


A toothache, a backache, a headache, a cold

Do you have a cold?

Expressions with HAVE

Have a look = look at something

Have a go = try something

Have a moment =have some time

Have a word with somebody = speak to somebody

Have a good time = fun

Have a good journey = wish success to somebody going away

Have a problem = a question

Haves and Have-nots = the rich and the poor


Fill in the gaps using appropriate expressions.

1.      I always have ________________ in the morning.

2.      Would you like to have a _____________ ? The bathroom is upstairs.

3.      If you have ______________, you must have _____________ with the dentist.

4.      Bye. Have a _____________.

5.      Can I have a _____________ with you? I need some advice.

6.      What time to you have ___________ in the evening?

7.      Is that your new car? Can I  _______________?

8.      Did you have a ______________ on your holidays?

9.      ____________ - income inequality in the world, the very rich and everybody else.

10.  Beautiful girls all over the world dream of entering a _____________ - a beauty contest.

11.  Would you like to have a _______? Juice, beer or wine?

12.  Can I have a _____________, please? I am very hungry.

13.   Did you have a __________ on your Birthday?

14.  If you want to have a ___________, you must smoke outside the bar.

15.  Our boss prefers to have a ____________ with a client after coffee breaks.

16.  He is studying hard because he will have an __________ next week.

17.  Take an aspirin if you have a ______________.

18.                   There is a swimming pool in our town, so we can have a _________ there.

Answer key

Galina Kavaliauskienė
Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania


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