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Business English, Professional English, Legal English, Medical English, Academic English etc.
Online peer-reviewed Journal for Teachers

English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

English for Specific Purposes World

ISSN 1682-3257

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Banking English Collocations
Quiz focusing on some of the most common banking verb and noun combinations (collocation).

Business English Resources
Comprehensive guide to business English resources on the Internet by the University of Oregon

Business Majors's Guide Lori Yamazaki

Business Travel's Guide Lori Bruce Goldberg

Business English Check Cashing and Deposit - Reading Comprehension
Intermediate level business English reading comprehension exercise dealing with company check cashing and deposit policies.

Business Tasks
Quiz focusing on some of the most common business tasks vocabulary. Match the verb with the noun to create a business collocation.

Business English. Company Financial Profile - Reading Comprehension
Reading comprehension focusing on a company financial overview. Advanced level business English with a focus on financial analysis vocabulary.

Economics's Guide John S. Irons

Electronic Commerce's Guide Gordon Whyte

Financial Services - Reading Comprehension
Reading comprehension focusing on the financial services and investing sector. Advanced level business English for those interested in investing.

Global Business's Guide Paul Bishop

Insurance Industry's Guide James Moore.

Legal Industry's Guide Brian N. Durham

Management's Guide F. John Reh

New Reader Press
A number of ESL/EFL resources including: On-the-Job English (high beginning - intermediate), English for Everyday Activities (a picture process dictionary), Citizenship: Passing the Test ( great for literacy level), News for You ( a weekly newspaper in plain English).

Resource materials relating to scientific presentation. Provided by Mark Peterson at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Business English Exercises
Exercises related to business English.

Information gateway

Business Affairs
International House in Spain. Special practice activities with Legal English

Business English Recipes
Lesson Plans in Pdf format from Addison Wesley Longman: Telephone Treasure Hunt, Crazy Instructions Game, The Executive Parking Lot, Three People In A Tub, The Clock, So You're Starting A New Business.

Business Help Page by Ruth Vilmi

Business Meetings
For students who wish to review English structures associated with business meetings. It is a hypertext program that takes the form of a decision maze.

Ellis Business Series with information in English and

Ellis Business Series with information in French

Internet-Based Projects for Business: "Networking"
Kay Westerfield and Leslie Opp-Beckman

Monster English
Resources for students of English, especially Business English.
Web site maintained by Sharon Douglas in Scotland.

Simulated On-Line Letters and Faxes
A project focusing on the "basics of business communication".

Tips for Business Writing
Ruth Vilmi's site

Dictionnaires et Ressources | Dictionaries & Other Resources

Journals etc.

Business English Magazine: Language Key
Business English Magazine published in England and Asia, the online version contains a selection of articles from collection of back issues. This is probably the most comprehensive collection of Business English material currently on the net. Paid subscriptions required for access to the members area.

Business and Economy:Magazines From Yahoo
A brief selection of well-known business and financial publications:

Business Week

The Economist

FT: The Financial Times


Newspapers Online in France & Worldwide

CNN Financial News

Web Virtual Library: Economics. "WebEc is an effort to categorize free information on economics on the WWW." A pretty huge collection of information!


The Association for Business Communication (ABC)
This is an international organization committed to fostering excellence in business communication scholarship, research, education, and practice.

Business English Special Interest Group

TESOL International Interest Sections


ESP - Busines

English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World) Home    Information    Contents    ESP Encyclopaedia    Resources    Contacts

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