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Business English, Professional English, Legal English, Medical English, Academic English etc.
Online peer-reviewed Journal for Teachers

English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

English for Specific Purposes World

ISSN 1682-3257

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Business English Teachers - the site where you can find many interesting things and among them An interview with David Cotton, one of the authors of the Market Leader series.

FACT Forum for the support and development of content and language integrated teaching
Hello-online, ELT e-journal with a focus on crosscultural communication and American studies
English (as a foreign language) for Engineering
Jean Claude Viel
UEfAP Using English for Academic Purposes

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(your free by-weekly English-learning e-textbook)
by Kevin McCaughey & I.M. Poosheesty

EVOnline Webheads in Action

Teaching English with Technology,
a free electronic journal for teachers of English interested in using technology.
edited by Jarek Krajka

ESP Burning Issues
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EngliSP Discussion Group

Links from Ieva Margyte

Culinary Terms
Useful vocabulary from Eric W. Alderton.

EFL Tech - France
A site for Teachers of English (as a Foreign Language) for Mechanical Engineering.

English for Science and Technology
Ruth Vilmi's page of excellent links to science and technology resources.

English for Specific Purposes
ESL Cafe's discussion forum on English for specific purposes.

International Directory of Professionals in ESP
Maintained by Thomas Orr; you'll find a directory of names and contact information of ESP professionals around the world.

The Law
Special practice activities with Legal English.

On-Line Guide to Scientific Presentation
Mark Peterson's site provides ESL/EFL students access to resource materials relating to scientific presentation.

Resources for Teachers of English for Science and Technology

This excellent resource from Roy Bowers is also mirrored in Mexico, France, and Hong Kong. Technical Terms for Aerospace Use
Help from NASA

Topics in Medical English
Compiled by Professor John Kimball of Miyazaki Medical College; topics include the Heart, Nutrition, Sensory Anatomy, and Skeletal and Orthopedic Anatomy.

Chemistry Chemistry site

Fashion's Guide Cynthia Nellis

Forestry's Guide Steve Nix

Gardening's Guide Deborah Simpson

Geography's Guide Matt Rosenberg

Geology's Guide Andrew Alden

Insurance Industry's Guide James Moore

Legal Industry's Guide Brian N. Durham

Mathematics's Guide Frank Bria

New Reader Press
New Reader Press provides a number of ESL/EFL resources including: On-the-Job English (high beginning - intermediate), English for Everyday Activities (a picture process dictionary), Citizenship: Passing the Test ( great for literacy level), News for You ( a weekly newspaper in plain English).

Online Guide to Scientific Presentations
The purpose of this site is to provide EFL students with access to resource materials relating to scientific presentation. Provided by Mark Peterson at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Online Technical Writing
Online text of Introduction to Technical Communication, taught by David A. McMurrey, at Austin Community College (ACC) in Austin, Texas USA

ESP: State of the Art
Methodology analysis of ESP examining approaches in the following 'concept' areas: Concept of Authenticity, Concept of Research, Concept of Text, Concept of Need and Concept of Learning. Written by Richard West of Manchester University.

Sexuality's Guide Sandor Gardos, Ph. D. provides expert resources and information, as well as a guide to Internet resources concerning Sexuality.

Social Work's Guide Bill Skinnerv provides expert resources and information, as well as a guide to Internet resources concerning Social Work.

Even more miscelaneous


English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World) Home    Information    Contents    ESP Encyclopaedia    Resources    Contacts

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